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Bird Feeders – Ferestien Feed & Farm Supply

Bird Feeders

We sell a wide variety of bird feeders at Ferestien Feed & Farm Supply. From the simple wooden feeders, to the spring loaded catchers, we pretty much have any bird feeder you are looking for.

Bird Feeders

We carry Yankee Droll, Perky Pet, and many other brands of feeders. Having trouble with the squirrels? Talk to one of our experts on recommendations to make your bird feeder squirrel proof!

Bird FeedersYankee Droll Bird Feeders

People and birds love Yankees bird feeders because they are durable, functional, and very easy to fill and clean. Ferestien’s sells hundreds of Yankee Droll Bird Feeders in all manner of category, for all bird types. Your leading source for bird feeders. Shop seed feeders, hummingbird feeders and much more.

Perky Pet Bird Feeders

Ferestien Feed is proud to sell Perky Pet feeders in our stores and have for years! One of the easiest ways to attract wild birds to your backyard is to hang a seed feeder. Perky-Pet® offers an extensive line of seed feeder that can be divided into four main types of bird feeders: hopper feeders, squirrel proof feeders, tube feeders, and sip and seed feeders – which allow you to offer both water and seed from one bird feeder.